oney, the liquid gold. So valuable, unique. Every honey, its own aroma. No one is the same. First magic.
Bees, organized workers. All queens in their art. Methodical, delicate, kind beings. With soul. Second magic.

I’ve been observing bees since I was a child, in the village. I understood them and loved them, so I never feared their sting. That’s how beekeeping started for me. Exclusively organic, from day one until today, because bees require our respect and protection. Organic beekeeping means without using pesticides and sugar, and bees must be far away from crops.

Always certified so you know the journey of the honey you are eating. The effort to form its drops, the time you stir the milk of your child or spread honey on a slice of bread, the afternoon.


e winter our bees in Mani, where we start early in the spring with our first honey, the Paschal honey. The Greek tea, as we call it, empowers our bees because it is very nourishing. It gives them everything they need for the spring and summer journey to make new production together.

Some bees will stay in Mani. The sea breeze and altitude create the ideal conditions for our workers to produce one of the best and most unique honeys in the world. We will collect it with care, work on it as it deserves, because it is a thyme honey with high percentages of thyme nectar. Rare and rich.

The remaining bees will travel high to the mountains. There we will collect the forest honey. And when the weather starts to get wild, we will bring our bees back to their place, in a cycle of care and devotion that never ends. Because above all, this is our honey: a love and taste relationship that fits in every drop of Bavellas honey.



Tel.: +30 694 5484566 • Apiarist: Grigoris Bavellas • Based in Inachos, Argos, P.C. 21200